Access Watch . version 2
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ccessWatch is one of the most popular website traffic analysis tools on the net. It is designed to be easily installed and create comprehensive reports to summarize activity on your site.

AccessWatch is the website traffic analyzer of choice for:
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
Advanced Micro Devices
Sun Microsystems
NCSA National Laboratory
Defense Information Systems Agency
U.S. Army
U.S. Navy
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Census
National Weather Service
... and many other high-performance websites. Download it today.

AccessWatch is a complete software package, written in Perl, a 34k download, and will run on any major web server. It is a free download.

AccessWatch generates browser statistics, as well as referrer, page views, and many more. Download it now.

AccessWatch Copyright 1994-2010 David Maher. All Rights Reserved.

New version! Download AccessWatch v2.4 now.

"I just parsed a log file with over 2 million lines, and this took about 30 mins (with the DNS lookup! the whole file was ip numbers.) Total file size was 600MB on a Sparc Enterprise server. We tried the first 600,000 lines of this file in WebTrends, but it totally choked.

AccessWatch is fast!"

-- A happy webhosting user